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Beetz on The Music Bingo Podcast!

Scott from Beetz talks Bingo Toonz with Sean and Gemma from Rockstar Bingo

Beetz has the ability to provide Bingo Toonz via paper or using a device thanks to Rockstar Bingo.  Mar 2, 2022, Scott got a chance to talk with Sean and Gemma from Rockstar about Music Bingo, Beetz Entertainment, and Scott's hosting philosophy

Beetz Entertainment

Host/Owner - Scott Parsons

Scott has been doing entertainment in some form or fashion since he was a child!

Professionally however, he have over 25 years of experience in DJ, Karaoke, Improv, Bingo Toonz, Hosting, Emceeing, and much more!

Scott loves to entertain and is excited to start his own venture with Beetz Entertainment.

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